Our grade five and six students finished the year working with clay. The outcome was to be a useable mug. What an interesting time we had! The disappointment when the kiln was opened only to find that numerous mugs lay in shattered pieces. But back to the drawing board they went to try again. It was an experience in persistence and resilience. What resulted was an amazing number of creative, colourful and original mugs that were proudly displayed in our school foyer, then taken home and either kept or given away to someone special for Christmas.

What’s happening in Term 3?

Foundation students are learning about French artist, Henri Matisse. We are loving learning to “draw with scissors”. We used a great interactive website to explore his life and his fantastic art works. It’s been great to see the children so involved in the activity, collaborating and sharing their ideas.

IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961

Look out for Level 1 and 2 students’ ceramic leaves next week. We have been eagerly waiting for them to be fired in the kiln. Now that they are decorated and have dried, they are ready to take home. Make sure you place them somewhere safe!

IMG_0984 IMG_0982 IMG_0977 IMG_0976 IMG_0973


Finally, thanks to Mr. Evans, the production team and all the families that have been helping out with props and costume making in the lead up to the production. It’s been great fun in the art room and we are very proud to show you what we’ve made!

IMG_1021 IMG_1020

Happy art making everyone! From Mrs. M and Mrs. G

Big Post!

It’s been a very busy and exciting term getting the Art room!

We have been getting the Art room looking fantastic for Open Week, hosting weekly working bees for our upcoming Level 5 and 6 production of ‘The Pirates of the Curry Bean’, working with landscape artist and parent, Lisa Kerr, working with us on our collaborative Anzac mosaic as well as creating 600+ for the entire school for our special Anzac Day assembly. Big thank you to Lisa for working with the Level 5 and 6 students – they had such a great time. Can’t wait to see to mosaics displayed in our school grounds soon!


Some Level 5 and 6 students creating our Anzac mural with the help of Mrs. Barr.


Making a pair of giant knickers for the production!


Fantastic Mums, Dads and Students and former Rangeview students helping us making props and costumes!

Here is a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to this Term in our Art lessons!

Here are the Level 1 and 2 students using their own made templates to create clay leaves. We had a great time making these and are eagerly awaiting for them to be fired in the kiln. Students have loved using real-life examples of leaves, examining their colours and shapes to make their own leaf. We have used our design brief a lot in this activity. Students also made colourful portraits inspired by our Rangeview gardens. We were lucky enough to have a tour with Mr. Barr who showed us lots of fruit and vegies!


Level 3 and 4 students have been learning about colour. We have been experimenting with dry pastels and dipping them into water to create some amazing imaginary creatures.



Level 5 and 6 students are making clay mugs. We are revisiting techniques such as pinching, slipping and pinching. Photos to come soon (Need to find a pair of clean hands to take the photos).

Foundation students are creating sparkly seahorses inspired by Eric Carle! We have just enjoyed a trip to Myuna farm and have lots of interesting animal stories to tell. We are almost ready to paint and glaze our clay mice.


Foundation’s Funky Fish!

This week in Art, Foundation students completed their ‘Funky Fish’ collage. This activity used lots of new skills such as: creating lines and patterns, applying different materials to their work, textured rubbings and learning to cut out shapes carefully.

Firstly, to create the body of the fish, students worked in pairs to outline their feet onto paper. We had a prior discussion and created class anchor chart all about lines. Using this knowledge, students used oil pastels to decorate their fish with a variety of lines and patterns. The final steps was to make a lovely sea background. We used wax crayon and create some textured rubbings onto concrete then created a wax resist using blue food dye.

Foundation students are very excited to take their first official art work home! Well done on completing your first term in Art.

2015-03-24 12.58.04 2015-03-24 12.04.39 2015-03-24 12.58.55 2015-03-24 12.58.49 2015-03-24 15.38.522015-03-24 15.38.39

Thank you to Zart Art’s Back to Basics Professional Development day for this excellent lesson idea.

Chinese New Year!

Level 3 and 4 students are enjoying creating Chinese New Year art works. We are loving learning about different cultures and how they celebrate. Classes had a great debate about whether it is the year of the sheep, goat or ram. Here is great website for the answer: http://www.cjvlang.com/Spicks/sheepgoat.html What do you think?

Students looked at different vase patterns created in China in the 17th Century and discussed how different patterns belonged to particular dynasties. We had a go at creating our own patterns and tried out some simple Chinese characters using books and iPads.

Here we are blow inking branches using Indian Ink. We will then complete the art work by adding cherry blossoms to the branches.

2015-03-06 10.39.53 2015-03-06 10.40.01


All Tangled Up.

Mrs. Geilings and I have been discussing line and pattern designs with the Level 5 and 6 students. In their design briefs, students created fifteen of their own original patterns to display on their Tangle(or Zentagle) art works. Each student has free choice in their Tangle topic, this can be a freeform shape, animal or a topic of their interest.

2015-03-02 16.42.25 2015-03-02 16.44.05 2015-03-02 16.46.302015-03-04 14.30.48

2015-03-04 14.37.00 2015-03-04 15.09.32   2015-03-04 14.33.29 2015-03-04 15.11.16

Welcome Back! 2015!

Welcome back to all Rangeview students and families. Big warm welcome to the Foundation children as well, they had their first Art session on Tuesday. There were lots of smiles and some back to front art smocks too!

We’ve been busy in the Art room setting our routines up, getting familiar with our new classmates and talking about the exciting Art activities install this term!  Some fabulous activities we are learning  include: Chinese New Year (Level 3 and 4), Vegetable Prints and Paintings (Level 1 and 2), Tangles (Level 5 and 6) and Colours & Prints (Foundation).


Brooke and Dru showing us some jobs we get up to in the Art room.

Our Art Captain for 2015, Inez, has put up some new displays for the Art Room and will be introducing a ‘Famous Artist of the Week’ beginning next week. Keep an eye out for this! Here is a message from Inez:


Hi my name is Inez and I am the Rangeview Art Captain for 2015. I am looking forward to helping in the Art room at lunch times and working with Mrs. Melitsis and Mrs. Geilings.

Thank you for the lovely donations from the Watkins, Vance, Holmes and Stephens Family last week.

Beach Day Collage!

Foundation students enjoyed creating a fabulous beach collage this term as part of our integrated topic ‘In my Backyard’.

Firstly, students paired up to trace each others feet and decorated this with different textured papers to create colorful sandals! As we have had great weather lately, we went outside and created the texture of the sand by placing our background paper down on the asphalt and using the side of the wax pastels to rub over. Students made patterns for the ocean and then washed it over using food dye. During our final lesson, students pasted their sandals onto the background and added pipe cleaners to this.

This activity took three weeks to complete. We are very pleased with the results! 

2014-10-28 12.36.15 2014-10-28 14.28.02 2014-10-21 11.48.41 2014-10-28 14.28.10 2014-10-21 11.48.36

Stop…Stop motion is here!

Level 4 to 6 students have been busily creating short animations using the app ‘Stop motion’. Students watched some Nick Park animations(Wallace and Gromit) to learn about using objects and taking photos using the iPad. They created a story board in their folios with initial sketches of their characters and background.

Students had the freedom to choose their animation and what materials to use. Some students chose to create a 2D animation where as some used materials such as plasticine to create 3D objects.

Here are some photos of the Level 4 students creating their animations. Students are really enjoying this inquiry based learning unit. We are sharing our ideas using the app ‘Showbie’. I have enjoyed receiving comments from students as well as seeing them work on their animations at home!

Students from Level 4 and 5 were selected to show their clips at assembly today. Congratulations: Inez, Kaela, Fletcher, Cooper, Poppy, Natalie and Isabella.


2014-11-07 10.49.15 2014-11-07 10.37.01

2014-10-29 15.26.18 2014-11-07 10.36.56

Term 4!

Welcome back! It’s great to see our children coming back to school refreshed and relaxed. It was great to hear about exciting holidays and the adventures everyone got up to!

We have a very exciting term ahead of us in Art. Students clay pieces have been fired in the kiln during the term break. They are now ready to be decorated! You will see lots of student ceramic works by our Foundation to Level 2 students as well as short animations from the Level 3 and 4 students during the course of this term!

Congratulations to the Level 5 and 6 students whose ‘Global Peace Project Dolls’ were chosen to be exhibited at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre(BHCAC) from 27th October until the 2nd November. More information will be provided in the school newsletter next Wednesday(15th October). Everyone is welcome to attend this exhibition.

The Global Peace Project is aimed to connect people of diverse cultural backgrounds with a focus on the value of the Arts as a pathway to understand the world as it is. The Global Peace Project initiative began in 1994 and has participants on seven continents!

To end this post, here are some completed Picasso inspired self-portraits from Level 3 and 4 students! Thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. Melitsis

]2014-10-03 13.48.12

2014-10-03 13.47.44

2014-10-03 13.48.43