Foundation’s Funky Fish!

This week in Art, Foundation students completed their ‘Funky Fish’ collage. This activity used lots of new skills such as: creating lines and patterns, applying different materials to their work, textured rubbings and learning to cut out shapes carefully.

Firstly, to create the body of the fish, students worked in pairs to outline their feet onto paper. We had a prior discussion and created class anchor chart all about lines. Using this knowledge, students used oil pastels to decorate their fish with a variety of lines and patterns. The final steps was to make a lovely sea background. We used wax crayon and create some textured rubbings onto concrete then created a wax resist using blue food dye.

Foundation students are very excited to take their first official art work home! Well done on completing your first term in Art.

2015-03-24 12.58.04 2015-03-24 12.04.39 2015-03-24 12.58.55 2015-03-24 12.58.49 2015-03-24 15.38.522015-03-24 15.38.39

Thank you to Zart Art’s Back to Basics Professional Development day for this excellent lesson idea.

Chinese New Year!

Level 3 and 4 students are enjoying creating Chinese New Year art works. We are loving learning about different cultures and how they celebrate. Classes had a great debate about whether it is the year of the sheep, goat or ram. Here is great website for the answer: What do you think?

Students looked at different vase patterns created in China in the 17th Century and discussed how different patterns belonged to particular dynasties. We had a go at creating our own patterns and tried out some simple Chinese characters using books and iPads.

Here we are blow inking branches using Indian Ink. We will then complete the art work by adding cherry blossoms to the branches.

2015-03-06 10.39.53 2015-03-06 10.40.01


All Tangled Up.

Mrs. Geilings and I have been discussing line and pattern designs with the Level 5 and 6 students. In their design briefs, students created fifteen of their own original patterns to display on their Tangle(or Zentagle) art works. Each student has free choice in their Tangle topic, this can be a freeform shape, animal or a topic of their interest.

2015-03-02 16.42.25 2015-03-02 16.44.05 2015-03-02 16.46.302015-03-04 14.30.48

2015-03-04 14.37.00 2015-03-04 15.09.32   2015-03-04 14.33.29 2015-03-04 15.11.16