Welcome Back! 2015!

Welcome back to all Rangeview students and families. Big warm welcome to the Foundation children as well, they had their first Art session on Tuesday. There were lots of smiles and some back to front art smocks too!

We’ve been busy in the Art room setting our routines up, getting familiar with our new classmates and talking about the exciting Art activities install this term!  Some fabulous activities we are learning  include: Chinese New Year (Level 3 and 4), Vegetable Prints and Paintings (Level 1 and 2), Tangles (Level 5 and 6) and Colours & Prints (Foundation).


Brooke and Dru showing us some jobs we get up to in the Art room.

Our Art Captain for 2015, Inez, has put up some new displays for the Art Room and will be introducing a ‘Famous Artist of the Week’ beginning next week. Keep an eye out for this! Here is a message from Inez:


Hi my name is Inez and I am the Rangeview Art Captain for 2015. I am looking forward to helping in the Art room at lunch times and working with Mrs. Melitsis and Mrs. Geilings.

Thank you for the lovely donations from the Watkins, Vance, Holmes and Stephens Family last week.