Beach Day Collage!

Foundation students enjoyed creating a fabulous beach collage this term as part of our integrated topic ‘In my Backyard’.

Firstly, students paired up to trace each others feet and decorated this with different textured papers to create colorful sandals! As we have had great weather lately, we went outside and created the texture of the sand by placing our background paper down on the asphalt and using the side of the wax pastels to rub over. Students made patterns for the ocean and then washed it over using food dye. During our final lesson, students pasted their sandals onto the background and added pipe cleaners to this.

This activity took three weeks to complete. We are very pleased with the results! 

2014-10-28 12.36.15 2014-10-28 14.28.02 2014-10-21 11.48.41 2014-10-28 14.28.10 2014-10-21 11.48.36

Stop…Stop motion is here!

Level 4 to 6 students have been busily creating short animations using the app ‘Stop motion’. Students watched some Nick Park animations(Wallace and Gromit) to learn about using objects and taking photos using the iPad. They created a story board in their folios with initial sketches of their characters and background.

Students had the freedom to choose their animation and what materials to use. Some students chose to create a 2D animation where as some used materials such as plasticine to create 3D objects.

Here are some photos of the Level 4 students creating their animations. Students are really enjoying this inquiry based learning unit. We are sharing our ideas using the app ‘Showbie’. I have enjoyed receiving comments from students as well as seeing them work on their animations at home!

Students from Level 4 and 5 were selected to show their clips at assembly today. Congratulations: Inez, Kaela, Fletcher, Cooper, Poppy, Natalie and Isabella.


2014-11-07 10.49.15 2014-11-07 10.37.01

2014-10-29 15.26.18 2014-11-07 10.36.56