Carnival of the Animals!

On Sunday 21 September, Mrs. Melitsis performed a free Children’s Concert at the Deakin Edge in Federation Square with her music ensemble, the Grainger Wind Symphony.

The Level 1 and 2 students had a great time listening to The Carnival of the Animals (The Australian version) in class. They listened to each movement of the piece and then drew a picture of their favorite animal. Some animals that appear  in Carnival of the Animals include: Swan, Turtle, Elephant, Wombat, Kangaroo and Lion.

I was so pleased to see the auditorium filled with Rangeview students’ fantastic drawings. Overall, it was a great experience for students to learn about Art and Music in a meaningful and fun way.

Thank you to the Rangeview students, parents and staff who came to listen and enjoy this fun day!

20140921_GraingerWindSymphony_ProkofieffPeterWolf--Prashphutita15120400-_4X6Grainger Wind Symphony at the Deakin Edge, Federation Square

20140921_GraingerWindSymphony_ProkofieffPeterWolf--Prashphutita15180000-_4X6  Elephant in action!

20140921_GraingerWindSymphony_ProkofieffPeterWolf--Prashphutita15571900-_4X6 Can you see you drawing in the photo? 

Radical Robots!

Foundation level students have spent the last two weeks completing their Robots collage. This lesson is linked in with our Term 3 integrated studies unit, Toys.

Students began their art work by choosing and assembling a variety of geometric shapes. We added facial features and other smaller details to compliment our robots. The Foundation students came up with some great ideas including hats, buttons and switches. Our final process was to use milk bottle caps to print an interesting background.

Students enjoyed having the freedom to use different materials as well as learn different collaging and printing techniques.

2014-08-26 15.04.09

2014-08-26 14.20.40