Pablo Picasso and Cubism!

This term Level 3 and 4 students are learning about Pablo Picasso and Cubism. We learned lots of interesting facts about the artist (his very long name being one of them!) and chose a buddy to explore Picasso’s A Rooster(Le Coq) and The Weeping Woman. With our buddies, we discussed what was happening in the painting. Some of the questions we discussed included: “How is the rooster feeling? What kind of shapes can we see? How is colour used to create emotion in this painting?”

picasso a roosterThe Rooster (1938)

Today, we created an initial design for our self-portraits. Student’s aim was to practice their sketching technique as well as  use various geometric shapes to represent their facial features. Here are some fantastic examples by students from 4H.

2014-08-26 09.58.28

2014-08-26 10.04.52

2014-08-26 10.08.05

Level 5 and 6 Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly Series

In Term 2, students in Level 5 and 6 studied Australian History. They enjoyed researching and discussing Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series in Art. We looked at a number of websites collaboratively and discussed their art elements. We found out lots of great information about Sidney Nolan. Here are one of the websites we used: After completing the activity, students used the app Popplet as a self-evaluation. 

Artworks by students in 5/6K and 5E.

20140723_153803 20140723_153838 20140723_153910 20140723_153939 20140723_154007 20140723_154020 20140723_154049 20140723_154121 20140723_154146 20140723_154155 20140723_154215 20140723_154232